This made me cry so much. Louis is obviously taken by what the lady said about her daughter - I can’t even imagine how he felt. It’s almost like he doesn’t have any words to say to her after that. He cares so much and I hate it when people say he’s the worst member of the band - he truly gives me hope and inspiration. 

yall are more concerned with fuckboy louis crying over seeing poverty than the grandmother who has a dying daughter and has to raise her granddaughter in a poverty stricken place this is literally insane

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i want him to die honestly

Everyone should know how disgusting this little fuck is

because he’s against gay rights? well Im against gay rights. but I don’t hate people who are gay, lesbian, etc. in fact, some of my closest friends are gay, I don’t agree with the lifestyle, it goes against my religion, so does that make me a bad person who needs to go die? I honestly don’t care if you love someone who’s the same gender as you, I will agree that you can’t help who you fall for. I will accept you for who you are, but please don’t ask me to agree with that lifestyle.

shut up

People who are against the rights of a certain group of people are always the ones who will be the first in line to vote against them.

"Does that make me a bad person?" I dunno. Does it? Probably.

"I do not agree with your ~~**lifestyle**~~ and do not concede you basic human rights because of my ~~**religion**~~ although I am not as hateful as I COULD be so yeah haha lol. I also choose to chime in on a post that highlights the homophobia of a misogynist piece of shit by typing down my completely useless comment and somehow making this about me and my feels. I feel the need to defent myself because deep down I know that I am a fucktruck. does that make me a bad person?"
short answer: yes
long answer: fuck yes

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